$100 provides

  • Food for over 40 families at Hunters Point Family’s Free Food Pantry
  • Two Enrichment Classes for over 20 youths
  • Ten hours of tutoring for at least 20 youth

$250 provides

  • One month of intensive case management for two youths
  • A week of tutoring for a youth in one of our programs
  • Salary for one youth job for a month

$500 provides

  • A new computer for a program lab
  • Healthy snacks for 50 participants for two months

$1,000 provides

  • Six months of essential materials and supplies for the educational programs
  • 12 weeks of enrichment classes for 20 youths
  • 4 youth jobs for a month

Three ways to make a difference

The gift you make can change someone’s life. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation.

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