Educational support

The keys to academic success: Kujichagulia

Educational support for Hunters Point Family program participants is based on Kujichagulia, or the Kwanzaa principle of self-determination.  Kujichagulia Educational Youth Services (KEYS) builds on this principle and works to improve the educational achievement of our youth by building their positive attachment to school, ensuring appropriate school placements, decreasing truancy rates, strengthening study skills and preparing youth to succeed on educational testing requirements.

95% of HPF participants reported having goals for completing high school, pursuing higher education and /or seeking meaningful employment as a result of the support they receive at HPF. *

HPF educational KEYS program offers the following strategy:

  • Educational guidance, support, and tracking
  • Tutoring
  • Advocacy and support within the schools
  • Test preparation
  • Life skills workshops
  • Employment readiness and placement services

* From a 2012 Youth Development evaluation administered by the Bayview Hunters Point Community Fund.