Every Hunters Point Family program is built on four healthy and productive cornerstones designed to foster the strengths of young people and develop their full potential. Together, these cornerstones provide youth with the ability to transcend obstacles, identify opportunities, apply and develop their innate skills and talents, and create a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Educational Support

Educational support for Hunters Point Family program participants is based on Kujichagulia, the Kwanzaa principle of self-determination. Kujichagulia Educational Youth Services (KEYS) builds on this principle and works to improve the educational achievement of our youth by building their positive attachment to school, ensuring appropriate school placements, decreasing truancy rates, strengthening study skills and preparing youth to succeed on educational testing requirements.
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Family Support Network

The ultimate goal of the Hunters Point Family agency is to stabilize our youth within their home environment. HPF understands that in many cases a youth’s entire family needs support before he or she can meet personal goals. As a part of the HPF extended family philosophy, the agency works collaboratively with other community-based organizations to provide a network of support and resource referrals to all family members. Learn more

Healthy Lifestyles

Hunters Point Family introduced the Healthy Lifestyles program to counter the health and environmental conditions impacting children and their families in Bayview Hunters Point. The program is based on community stewardship and an intergenerational approach to gardening. Healthy Lifestyles includes: 2 organic farms, a community food pantry, Somethin’ Fresh (a youth-operated fruit delivery business), a permaculture certificate program, and weekly nutrition and cooking classes. Learn more

Enrichment Programs

Everything Arts! offers education through the arts and a venue for positive emotional and creative expression. Participants in GIRLS 2000, Bayview Safe Haven, Peacekeepers, Gilman Rec Connect meet weekly for journalism, film development and production, dance and performance, making murals, and music composition, prodution and recording. Everything Arts! projects have won awards at the Sundance Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art. Learn more