Hunters Point Family youth feel safe, comfortable and valued. By fostering respectful and supportive relationships with staff and other youth, these programs enable participants to begin developing a holistic and proactive way of thinking about their world.

Hunters Point Family is based on 3 constants that drive our successful programs:

1. Balance – We emphasize leadership development, community service, team building and social skills using groundbreaking training and trusted traditions. We bring new concepts, challenges and experiences to our youth while maintaining African American family values and relationships.

2. Transcendence – Overcoming obstacles and moving beyond trauma is a key component of every HPF program. While each of our programs offers a unique and different focus, fostering emotional and psychological well-being is common to all.

3. Mentorship – A circle of trust and respect develops as older youth mentor the younger ones, modeling academic success, athletic aptitude and positive life experiences as real and achievable goals.

Gilman Rec Connect

Gilman Rec Connect collaborates with other established youth organizations to build on school-day learning with fun and innovative after-school projects that are educational and relevant to current academic curricula. Learn more

GIRLS 2000

Gender-specific programming targets the healthy development and empowerment of girls and young women. GIRLS 2000 promotes a strong mentoring relationship between the staff and the girls to model a culturally authentic, cooperative, intergenerational connection that enhances their positive Black female identity. Learn more

Bayview Safe Haven

The Bayview Safe Haven uses the agency’s innovative extended-family model to provide an Afrocentric approach for redirecting each youth’s choices and instilling a sense of community accountability. Participants attend gender-specific leadership development groups plus individual and group therapeutic counseling, life-skills training and career mentoring. Learn more


Peacekeepers honors the legacy of the Founders by mirroring the tight-knit kinship style of interaction in the delivery of holistic case management services. The program functions in partnership with the parents and community members to emphasize community pride, cultural confidence and leadership. Staff work creatively to teach young people to cultivate inner and outer peace in the midst of chaos and violence. Learn more

Peer Parent Advocates Program

The Peer Parent Advocates Program  is a unified group of parents, foster parents, service providers and family advocates, organized and working together to build healthy families and to continue the struggle to improve the child welfare system to enhance family preservation and quality services to system-involved families. The Peer Parent Advocates Program is a collaboration between Hunters Point Family, Seneca Center and the San Francisco Human Services Agency. Learn more


Ujamaa is the 7th principle of Kwanzaa and it means familyhood or community cooperation based on equality of opportunity and self-help. The Ujamaa program at Hunters Point Family offers a full spectrum of job training, placement services and educational support to low-income African-American young adults living at or below the poverty level in public or subsidized housing within Bayview Hunters Point. Learn more