Bayview Safe Haven

Innovative change

The Bayview Safe Haven program is designed to respond to the needs of youth at risk of or involved in the juvenile justice system through advocacy and individualized care management. The program receives referrals from the juvenile Probation Department for community-based diversion and support. The program works in collaboration with citywide violence prevention initiatives and safety networks.

The Bayview Safe Haven uses the agency’s innovative extended-family model to provide an Afrocentric approach to redirect each youth’s choices and instill a sense of community accountability. In addition to this core service, participants attend gender-specific leadership development groups plus individual and group therapeutic counseling, life-skills training and career mentoring.

Youth living in high-risk communities often find it difficult to be hopeful and plan for their future. At HPF, 95% of our youth reported that they have a positive outlook on their future.

 A Nationwide Model

The Bayview Safe Haven has demonstrated outcomes for effectively reducing recidivism and truancy, while increasing academic achievement, reported connectedness to school and a sense of well-being among high-risk youth. These findings were so significant that the Bayview Safe Haven was highlighted as an “effective after-school program” by American Youth Policy Forum and the Harvard Research Project featured Bayview Safe Haven as an example of an “effective after-school program for older youth. Most importantly, the program has established a solid reputation among youth as a safe and fun place to be and most participants join through word of mouth.

The Bayview Safe Haven began as a holistic after-school program providing educational, recreational, health, and social services to high-risk youth ages 12-21, who live in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point community.

Founded with a San Francisco initiative, Bayview Safe Haven came under the direction and leadership of  Hunters Point Family in 2000. The program became a second home for participants and the program’s focus shifted from avoiding arrest to overall healthy thinking with a goal of making every youth his or her own safe haven.

Bayview Safe Haven services and activities include:

Education & Technology

  • Educational advocacy and guidance
  • Computer instruction
  • Computer lab

Life & Career

  • Individualized care management
  • Gender-specific support
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Employment development

Health & Nutrition

  • Nutrition cooking class
  • Life-skills workshops

Arts & Fitness

  • Enrichment classes
  • Recreational outings
  • Team-building events