Gilman Rec Connect

Partnership in learning

Gilman Rec Connect collaborates with other established youth organizations to build on school-day learning with fun and innovative after-school projects that are educational and relevant to current academic curricula.

Youth participate in science projects through experiential workshops provided by Tree Frog Treks, Hunters Point Family farms and trips to Slide Ranch. They gain a greater appreciation for team sports through exposure to work with Lacrosse for LIFE, Acro Sports and Mother Lode River Center. Participants improve their writing and grammar skills during creative writing workshops facilitated by Streetside Stories and hone their math skills through mural construction and measuring lessons in cooking class.

The program also provides ample opportunities for children to engage in traditional team building games and free play.

HPF youth scored above the national average for similar youth in reporting opportunities for decision making.

Emerging leaders

Unique to Gilman Rec Connect is its programming informed by both youth participants and adult co-leads. The program promotes youth leadership, education, recreation, and encourages youth and family engagement in a safe and inviting environment. All decisions related to programming, activities and events are made by the Youth Steering Team (YST), which is comprised of Middle School–aged participants.

YST members are eligible to apply for jobs as junior counselors for the summer camp program, which provides a rich environment for youth to develop skills that will support their success in school and in the community.


Gilman Rec Connect is a part of a citywide initiative of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families and the Recreation and Parks Department. The initiative is designed to maximize the impact and resources of community-based organizations to create dynamic community centers throughout San Francisco. Read more