GIRLS 2000

The seminal program of Hunters Point Family

GIRLS 2000 is a bustling safe haven where girls give and receive support as they overcome the complex challenges they face in becoming self-fulfilled individuals, future leaders and role models in their community.Through project-based learning and opportunities to exercise leadership, girls gain the knowledge, skills and self-confidence required to participate fully in their own empowerment process. GIRLS 2000 develops and leads activities based on the HPF philosophy that our youth can transform their current reality if they are given opportunities to gain awareness of their capabilities, develop the courage and ability to make life-affirming decisions, and have access to necessary resources and support.

95% of girls report having positive female identity due to gender-specific services through HPF

A key component of the program’s success is its gender-specific programming, targeting the healthy development and empowerment of girls and young women. GIRLS 2000 promotes a strong mentoring relationship between the staff and the girls to model a culturally authentic, cooperative, intergenerational connection that enhances their positive Black female identity. Read more

Education & Technology

  • Educational advocacy and guidance
  • Computer instruction
  • Computer lab
  • Academic tutoring and homework assistance

Life & Career

  • Individualized care management
  • Employment development
  • Career mentoring
  • Gender-specific support
  • Individual and family counseling

Health & Nutrition

  • Nutrition cooking class
  • Life-skills workshops
  • Urban farming and holistic health education

Arts & Fitness

  • Art and dance classes
  • Outdoor sports
  • Entrichment classes
  • Annual camping trip