Job training and placement

Ujamaa, the 4th principle of Kwanzaa, upholds the value of shared work and shared wealth through cooperative economics.

The Ujamaa program assists older teens and young adults through formalized education programs, job readiness training, subsidized employment, paid internships within agency-run businesses, referrals to certified training programs and paid employment opportunities.

95% of Hunters Point Family youth report developing stronger critical thinking skills as a result of their involvement in an HPF program..

Educational attainment

In conjunction with City College of San Francisco and the Sherriff’s 5 Keys Charter School, Ujamaa provides GED and diploma classes. The program’s career coaches guide graduates ready to enter post-secondary educational institutions or training programs.

Job training and placement

Ujamaa’s Summer Employment Program provides temporary, minimum wage employment during the summer for teens. These programs are designed for high-risk youth ready to learn both soft and hard skills to participate in technology, social services and the green economy. Youths participate in weekly workshops to explore career options and build resumes. They also learn appropriate dress and behavior in the workplace, interview skills, conflict resolution and professional communication.

Ujamaa helps with the following:

  • Removing Barriers to Education & Employment
    Career Coaches assist participants in identifying and removing any barriers to employment and education through referrals to appropriate agencies or Hunters Point Family’s Barrier Removal Fund.
  • Career & Personal Goals
    All participants create a career plan to develop and articulate their skills, interests, and goals. The goal worksheet helps to map the individualized services participants receive.
  • Job Readiness Skills
    Weekly workshops encourage clients to explore the root causes of unemployment and poverty both within the community and in their own lives, and develop specific strategies for economic stability and prosperity. Practical workshops on resume writing, interview skills and proper workplace attire and communication are also offered.
  • Employment & Training Programs
    By participating in internships consistent with career goals, youth clients gain access to further education and training while earning an income—they earn while they learn. Paid internships provide an extra incentive for participants to seek acceptance into a training program while exposing them to career possibilities and vital opportunities to develop as a professional.
  • Social Enterprises
    Ujamaa’s entrepreneurship program is in the process of launching two social enterprises. The social enterprise will not only provide job training and employment, but also teach hundreds of our youth how to develop, manage and maintain a business. Some of these youth will then manage and grow the company and many more will gain the confidence, skill, and experience needed to start their own businesses and the possibility of realizing their dreams.